Packaging Supplies

Here at SWIFT, making your life easier is in our best interest.

We offer packaging supplies to save you having to spend time finding those old, worn out boxes and trundling around the shops to save scrimping with that last bit of tape.

Brown Packaging Tape

£0.95 per roll

48mm wide x 66 metres per roll

You're forever finding those last end-of-rolls of brown tape lying around the house (doesn't everybody?). Save yourself the hassle and be worry-free.

Cardboard Boxes

£0.70 per box

595mm (H) x 395mm (W) x 380mm (D)

Begging shops for spare boxes can be embarrassing and time-consuming at the least. Never mind finding out they're odd and useless sizes.

Save yourself time and use it wisely to get your items packed with our strong and durable cardboard boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

£8 each

Keep your clothes beautiful, mark and crease-free with our handy wardrobe boxes. Save getting your shirts ruined and forking out on dry cleaning bills.

These genius boxes keep your clothes out of harm's way and save you time re-washing and ironing the other end. Not to mention they are easy to transport and store neatly.

Bubble Wrap

£0.25 per metre

£15 per roll (save £10)

600mm wide

Protect your valuables and breakables from the inevitable. Wrap your crockery and ceramics with bubble wrap.

But be careful; try to resist the urge to sit for hours and pop it all... it's so addictive!

Moving home?

We can provide an extensive and complete house move solution to include the necessary packaging essentials. Please ask us for more details.

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